Haydn Klavier Trios

Haydn, Joseph

  • Francois Fernandez Violine
  • Boyan Vodenitcharov Fortepiano
  • Rainer Zipperling Violoncello

Joseph Haydn composed his works always sitting at the fortepiano. He aimed to move the limits of the musical result without touching the rules. He described it with his own words: „The art is free and should not be limited by craftchains. The mind and soul has to be free. The ear -  a well educated of course – has to decide and I do not  allow myself more than others to invent new rules. Such bad manners have no merit but I wished that someone tried to compose a real new Menuet.“ We wish you joy and pleasure with listening to these gems of chambermusic.

Recorded in June 2005 - SKU: FLORA0805



    Trio in A Hob. XV:18
  • 1. Allegro moderato, 07:29
  • 2. Andante, 03:52
  • 3. Allegro , 04:04
  • Trio in d Hob.XV:23
  • 4. Molto Andante, 04:56
  • 5. Adagio ma non troppo, 05:30
  • 6. Finale Vivace, 08:43
  • Trio in C Hob.XV:21
  • 7. Adagio pastorale I Vivace essai, 05:57
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  • 8. Molto Andante, 04:39
  • 9. Finale Presto, 06:12
  • Trio in Es Hob.XV:10
  • 10. Allegro Moderato, 05:22
  • 11. Presto, 04:40