Jazz & Pavane

Diego Ortiz - Juan Vasquez

  • Jean-Pierre Canihac Cornet à bouquin
  • Daniel Lassalle Sacqueboute

« Pour moi jazz et pavane,
Dans le fond c'est tout comme
Le jazz dit "go men"
La pavan’ dit "go home" »

To paraphrase Claude Nougaro’s « Le Jazz et la Java » , « Le Jazz et la Pavane » reveals the happy marriage of two effervescent traditions, jazz and early music. Although belonging to ages long apart with much different aesthetics, these two movements have clearly the same musical identities.
It is this aspect of improvisation of the ornamentation in the early music which brings it closer to jazz. Actually, 400 years have passed to find in the musical art again this liberty to leave it to the interpreter to express, starting with a proposed subject, his own emotion and his creative imagination.
It is to express the similarities of these two musical styles that we have, in this recording, also chosen to show the complementarities of the used instruments. The two instrumental couples, ancient (cornet and sackbut) and modern (trumpet and trombone) are supported in the same way by a specific rhythm, organ/harpsichord, percussion on one hand, piano, bass, drums on the other.
In this spirit we have not undertaken to adapt anyone jazz standard to our early instruments in a kind of inapt crossover. The interest of our approach is situated more in thecapacity of jazz instruments to make themselves suitable for the music of Middle-Ages and Renaissance

Recorded in September 2012 - SKU: FLORA2812



  • 1. Bombarde, 07:08
  • 2. Recercada primo passa mezzo antico, 03:48
  • 3. Recercada quarto gamba, 03:13
  • 4. Recercada septimo romanesca, 01:36
  • 5. Recercada segundo passa mezzo moderno, 03:15
  • 6. « Con que la lavaré », 06:37
  • 7. Toccata settima, 09:11
  • 8. « Su la cetra amorosa », 11:39
  • 9. Passacaille, 05:07
  • 10. Ciaccona, 02:43
  • 11. « Es steh Gott auf », 04:44
  • 12. « El Fuego », 12:24