Voyage musical en Nouvelle-Espagne sur les traces de Hernàn Cortés

Les Sacqueboutiers, ensemble de cuivres anciens de Toulouse

  • Adriana Fernandez soprano
  • David Sagastume alto
  • Victor Sordo Tenor
  • Daniele Carnovich Bass
  • Jean-Pierre Canihac Cornet
  • Daniel Lassalle Sackbutt
  • Philippe Canguilhem Chalemie
  • Laurent Le Chenadec Dulcian
  • Eduardo Egüez Theorbo
  • Florent Tisseyre Percussions
  • Yasuko Bouvard Organ

When, at the end of the year 1518, Fernando Cortés leaves Cuba for an exploratory trip to Mexico, he does not know what he is about to encounter: a civilization entirely different from his own, where relations social, artistic productions, religious rites, the very conception of the world are in a spectacular contrast with European schèmes.

to give an account of this "shock of the conquest" the texts found alternate the points of view: sometimes borrowed from conquistadores companions of Cortes, they are also drawn from the Indian chronicles which told the arrival of the Spaniards and the incomprehension which in has resulted.

This encounter between two worlds has also been musical, as evidenced by the program of this concert which features works composed and performed in New Spain in the 16th century and resulting from Mesoamerican interbreeding. This is the case of the pieces of Gaspar Fernandes (v. 1565-1629), a composer of Portuguese origin. We must also note the pièces extracted from the manuscripts of Santa Eulalia. These sources are invaluable testimonies of the daily musical practice of Guatemalan rurality. Despite the great social and geographical distance that separates them from the production of a Gaspar Fernandes cathedral or a Garcia de Zéspedes, these manuscripts show that deep in the mountains of Central America, local musicians created original works which reflect at the same time the lessons of their Spanish masters and a sensitivity rooted in pre-Columbian culture.

Recorded in January 2019 - SKU: FLORA4519



  • 1. MS.2 7 8 Santa Eulalia Sorsayal Fahuana Asculo, 02:20
  • 2. Gaspar Fernandez Venimo can glan contento, 2:28
  • 3. José Gimenez Batalla de sexto tono, 5:33
  • 4. Gaspar Fernandez A no teneros mi dios à 4, 2:46
  • 5. Garcia de Zépedes La Guaracha, 3:16
  • 6. Gaspar Fernandez Oh Labios Decidme vos, 4:09
  • 7. Gaspar Fernandez Tane Gil tu Tamborino à 6, 3:57
  • 8. Ms 6 et 7 Santa Eulalia Te re re que zaza y Technepa Sacramento, 3:54
  • 9. Ms.8 Santa Eulalia Miserere Mei, 2:47
  • 10. Ms.7 Santa Eulalia El fiel peso y medida sed Miguel fuerza y escuto, 3:08
  • 11. Santiago de Murcia Tarantella, 3:55
  • 12. Anonimo No hay que decirle, 2:56
  • 13. Gaspar Fernandez Ven y veras, Zagalejo, 6:23
  • 14. Juan Perez Bocanegra Hanacpachap, 2:49
  • 15. MS.1 Santa Eulalia Oy Hacemos Fiesta, 1:37
  • 16. MS.4 Santa Eulalia Oy sube nuestra Esperanza, 2:11
  • 17. MS.7 Santa Eulalia si tanta gloria se da victoria quien a vencido, 2:49
  • 18. MS.6 Santa Eulalia Sancta Maria dios Nimahau, 3:12
  • 19. Juan Aranes Chacona a la vida bona, 3:12