Les Timbres Buxtehude Sonate

Dietrich Buxtehude

  • Les Timbres
  • Yoko Kawakubo violin
  • Myriam Rignol viola da gamba
  • Julien Wolfs harpsichord

Buxtehude’s Opus 1 and 2 Sonatas for violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord belie the composer’s common image as austere and sober. They instead delight the listener with what Johann Mattheson, writing in 1739, called their « unfamilar progressions, hidden ornamentation, and ingenious colourations ». It comes as no surprise to learn that the sonatas were a great success when they were first published in Germany in the 1690s, in the midst of the fashion for the ‘stylus fantasticus’ (described by Athanasius Kircher in 1650 as “…especially suited to instruments. It is the most free and unrestrained method of composing, it is bound to nothing, neither to any words nor to a melodic subject. It was instituted to display genius, and to teach the hidden 
design of harmony and the ingenious composition of harmonic phrases and fugues.") 
The sonatas are undoubtedly challenging, which is no doubt why there have been so few complete recordings. For their fourth disc, the founding trio of Les Timbres – Yoko Kawakubo, Myriam Rignol, and Julien Wolfs – take up the challenge with brio, joyously returning to their roots in Baroque chamber music to uncover all the intricacies of these very special works.

Recorded in October 2020 - SKU: FLORA4320



CD 1

    Opus 1
  • 1. Sonata en Fa Majeur, 8:56
  • 2. Sonata II en Sol Majeur, 07:49
  • 3. Sonata III en la mineur, 10:33
  • 4. Sonata IV en Sib Majeur, 08:09
  • 5. Sonata V en Do Majeur, 08:35
  • 6. Sonata VI en ré mineur, 09:38
  • 7. Sonata VII en mi mineur , 06:46

CD 2

    Opus 2
  • 1. Sonata I en Sib Majeur, 08:48
  • 2. Sonata II en Ré Majeur, 12:55
  • 3. Sonata III en sol mineur, 11:08
  • 4. Sonata IV en do mineur, 09:03
  • 5. Sonata V en La Majeur, 10:07
  • 6. Sonata VI en Mi Majeur, 09:35
  • 7. Sonata VII en Fa Majeur, 08:56